Eliminate Busy Work

Unlock the Power of Your Benefits Data

We believe in empowering EVERY agency. Your goals, focus, and clients are unique to your agency. We know one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work in our industry.


Try Our Sample Plan-Year Dashboard*

Eliminate 100% of data entry
Intuitive design
All Client Data In One Snapshot
*Demo sample of the interactive plan year dashboard

Drive More Value - Deliver Better Results

Client Engagement

Increase meaningful client touch points by delivering reports for all of your clients regardless of size.

Dynamic  Reports

Upgrade from static reports to interactive presentations. Opt for visually appealing, intuitive graphics over intimidating raw data.

Focus On Strategy

Remove the burdens of data entry and presentation-building, to better showcase your expertise and superior consulting capabilities.

Consistent Excellence

Elevate your organization's standards by adopting uniform formats for all producers, client executives, and data team members.


We take the time to know your organization's unique needs, gather the necessary data and develop designs that support your mission and vision.


Utilizing our custom code, we eliminate manual data entry and create tailor-made presentations enabling you to analyze data for clients of all sizes.


We build intuitive, dynamic, powerful presentations conveniently housing your whole book of business in one location.


- More data
- More original
- More insight
- Less busy work

Save Time

-100% of data entry
-100% presentation building
Maximize your team's productivity and potential.

New Resources

Elevate your offer with new age solutions. Dashboards that prove you have the resources to compete with the biggest brokerages in the industry.

Data Integration

Unify data from various sources and entities. Automatically sync and refresh presentations as new data is made available.

Year Round

Our comprehensive presentations include plan year, benchmarking and renewal exhibits in addition to custom reports tailored to your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most comment questions follow, but if you need more information, we're here to help! Just contact us and we'll respond promptly

Do you have more than plan year presentations and renewal exhibits?

Yes! We create plan-year dashboards, renewal exhibits, utilization, demographic and benchmarking reports, as well as most other standard reports your team needs to create.

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Can You Accomodate Any Reports We Use?

Yes, we integrate from most data sources and can reimagine and recreate almost any report you use.

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How does EpochBoards impact my clients?

Our dashboards provide simple, intuitive visuals to help tell the story of the data. Instead of blank faces nodding at charts and numbers, these dashboards bring the data to life.
Additionally, our automation frees up countless work hours so your teams can spend more time showing off their expertise and providing excellent consulting.

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What's a benefit I wouldn't expect?

Our clients have shared that having all the important data on one page,  eliminating document overload in client presentations, is one unexpected benefit of our service.

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What size groups do you work with?

We predominantly work with groups that fall into mid-market health insurance.

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Can you provide a sample with dummy data for sales purposes?

Of course. We understand the importance of sales, sharing how you service clients and being able to show off what makes you different from the rest of the industry.
Give us a call or drop us a note, and we'll provide exactly what you need.

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When do we have access to the reports?

You have access to the reports at all times. As new information is made available the reports are updated but at no point in time do we take them away from your teams.

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How does this help me compete in the industry?

EpochBoards increases the solutions and resources available to your organization, with a tech-forward approach that creates massive efficiencies for your team members. Our dashboards support your efforts to compete with and outperform your competition.

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